Hedera Digital

About - social media management Leeds

Hedera Digital is a small Leeds based social media management business, created by me, Ophelia Cohen.

I’m a CIM qualified marketer, with over 15 years experience in IT, social media marketing and communications. I set up Hedera Digital after friends kept asking me to help with their business social media accounts. 

After working in a large organisation (The University of Leeds), I found that I enjoyed the contrast of helping other small independent businesses and freelancers, like Hedera Digital.  Why? Because when you run your own business it's hard to find the time (and money) to focus on social media and therefore your business is also missing out. 

I also have a strong background in social media apps, software support and training, which allows me to offer my popular 1:1 tutorials for those of you who require basics skills to manage your social media accounts.

The name Hedera (sounds like Madeira) is the Latin word for ivy which is known for its ability to grow in difficult areas, climates and terrains.  That’s what I will do for your business, using hard work, knowledge and skills.

"There is no substitution for hard work" ~ Michael Phelps