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Services - social media management


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Tutorials and  Consultancy 

Hedera Digital will tell you all there is to know about social media for your business - the good, the bad and the hilarious ( we're talking memes - if appropriate!). 

Hedera Digital can provide a bespoke digital media tutorial or consultancy, where you can discuss social media marketing, social media management, Facebook advertising and you can learn the basics at an affordable price.

The Adapt package starts from £25 per hour.



Platform Setup 

Hedera Digital will give your business the best start in social media by setting up accounts on relevant  platforms, accompanied by a tailored consultancy session on the right social media marketing for your business.

Hedera Digital will take the stress away, so you can concentrate on running your business (as you're probably the only one doing it.)

The Grow package starts from £50 


Ivy plant fully grown.

Social Media Management 

This is the total package - tailored social media consultancy session , platform setup and day-to-day management of your social media accounts. 

Your business deserves it.

The Flourish package starts from £150 per month.