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Rebekah H. NW6 Jewellery

NW6  Jewellery business cards.

Following maternity leave, I needed fresh input for my online jewellery business. I felt overwhelmed with how to  use social media platforms effectively in order to grow, so I approached Hedera Digital, as I also wanted to support another small business. 

Ophelia at Hedera promptly delivered an updated social media and strategy as well as clear short term and long-term objectives, including the building of a website and associated advertising.

This was honestly the best thing I could’ve done! I highly recommend the professional yet friendly approach. Ophelia has been so accommodating when it comes to working around my schedule; she’s so knowledgeable and always on hand to answer questions and one of our business meetings even took place in the park, with my toddler and lots of coffee! There are different packages available too, so it’s all very affordable, which is so helpful to a startup like mine. 

Alex A. Prohaus Design

Logo for Prohaus Design an Architectural Design and Planning Service located in Rawdon, North Leeds

I needed to expand my online presence and Hedera Digital helped me to do that. As the owner of a small business I wanted people to be able to find me easily using social networks and social media apps. 

As a 'social network dinosaur', I asked myself, where do I start? Ophelia helped by doing all of the set up for me! 

It's been great to have the personal touch when you don't know what you're doing - small business to small business was the key. 

Simon T. Liferiders

Logo for Liferiders

Ophelia really helped me to clarify my message and select the right social media approach for my audience. Ophelia's work paid off as it produced the desired outcome - more members! Always professional and friendly I would recommend Ophelia to take away the headache and stress of social media management, strategy and activity. 

Forage London & Beyond


Thank you for your excellent service and the social media/SEO survey which has been extremely useful to me and was money very well spent.